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Eject or Close DVD Drive Tray Using Shortcut | Windows 10 Tips and Tricks Tutorial - Duration: 3:20.

In this Windows 10 Tips and Tricks Tutorial video, you will learn to use a command line utility to Eject or Close your DVD Drive Tray by placing a shortcut on your desktop.

You might want to have this small utility because either the physical button on the drive is faulty or your system is bit far from you and the button is not easily accessible or you are using a notebook or laptop and you find it hard to press the physical drive button.

So watch this tutorial to know how to download and place the shortcut on your desktop.

Download Link:


Information also applies to the following versions of Windows:

Windows 7

Windows 8 / 8.1

Windows 10

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Presented By:

Rajiv Kohli as The Teacher

1 year ago

Windows 10: The best hidden features, tips, and tricks ...

Windows 10 Desktop Share This article

Now that Windows 10 is out and millions of people are already running it, lets take a look at some of the best hidden features, tips, and tricks in the operating system. If youre still on the fence, take note: You really do want Windows 10, despite a lot of the gripes weve shared over the past several months. Its worth getting on the list for (or downloading the Windows 10 ISO directly). It combines the best

1 year ago

US government: make sure you get a fire extinguisher with your hoverboard

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CSPC) has warned hoverboard owners to have a fire extinguisher nearby while charging or using the self-balancing devices, after launching an investigation into a series of explosions.

The CSPC is currently investigating hoverboards made and imported into the US by a range of companies, including Swagway, One Stop Electronic Inc, Glide Boards and 10 others. The investigating is currently focused on the lack of suitable safety features required for the use of lithium-ion batteries.

Chairman of CSPC, Elliot Kaye, said: There are certain basic safety technologies we expect these units to have that should prevent overheating and potential combustion. These are the same readily-available technologies that exist in properly manufactured lithium-ion batteries used in the notebook computers and cell phones we all use every day.

The CSPC is also looking at the control systems and whether they are capable of adjusting their speed and power levels for different weights of riders, following a series of serious rider injuries resulting from unexpected movement of the boards.

Kaye said: We are looking deeper into the design of these products to see if they present a hidden hazard that is leading to fall injuries that should not occur, even on a product that presents some risk of falling. Many people, including children, have ended up with fractures, contusions or head/brain injuries.

There are currently no safety standards for the new self-balancing boards that sold like hot cakes at Christmas, despite some boards being labeled falsely with the Underwriters Laboratories stamp of safety. Kaye warned that such devices with UL labels on the box may be counterfeit and that the use of the mark is, at best, misleading.

Kayes advice to those who wish to continue using the boards is to gear up with a skateboard helmet, elbow and knee pads and wrist guards before riding, to not use the boards on or near a road where it may be illegal, to charge in an open area away from combustible material and have a working fire extinguisher nearby while charging or using these boards.

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Windows 10 tips: Your first 30 minutes with the Technical ...

Congratulations! Youve signed up for Microsofts Windows Insider program, downloaded the Windows 10 Technical Preview ISO file, and are just about ready to install it. Consider this your orientation for your new operating system.

Brad Chacos has already outlined the steps fordownloading and installing the Windows 10 Technical Preview on a virtual machineor hard drive partition.I went the simpler route: I took an older machine (a Surface 2 Pro), wiped it clean, then reinstalled and updated Windows 8 to the present.

Windows 10 installation: the final stepswindows 8 re</p>
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Windows 10's best tricks, tips, and tweaks - PCWorld

No Chromecast? No problem, at least after Windows 10s November update, which enabled the Edge browser to cast media to Miracast- or DLNA-equipped devices with just a few clicksthough beware that the implementation has some quirks, and wont work with DRM-protected streams from Netflix, Hulu, and the like. YouTube works just fine though!

To beam a video to your TV, open it in Edge, then click on the three horizontal dots in the upper-right corner of the browser. A drop-down menu appears; click Cast media to device. After a moment, a black window with the names of all nearby Miracast/DLNA devices will appear. Simply choose the one you want and after a few minutes, it should begin to play.

Should. In our tests, casting to a Roku box proved tricky, while Vimeo delivered more consistent results than casting YouTube videos. Regardless, its a nifty feature. Try it out!

1 year ago

Windows 10: What's coming in 2016?

What comes next for Windows 10? If 2015 was a year of revolution, 2016 promises to be a year of consolidation for Microsoft's operating system.

Windows is now delivered "as a service", meaning incremental updates with new features as well as security patches, but Microsoft still seems works internally to a schedule of milestone releases. Windows 10 has had two so far, the initial July 2015 release codenamed Threshold, and the November update called Threshold 2.

Next up is Redstone, rumoured to arrive around the anniversary of Windows 10, midway through 2016, but with Insider previews available earlier. What will be in Redstone is not yet known, though there is plenty on the to-

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